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As the name of this online newspaper suggests, it offers breaking news and a wealth of information on Botswana. It also provides up-to-date, in-depth accurate information and analysis. www.thetswanatimes.co.bw aspires to be a one-stop reference point on Botswana that will serve both local and international audiences. It reaches an international audience interested in events taking place in Botswana, by carrying local stories, business, features, travel, sports and more. To meet public demand for real-time news, it will provide news flashes which are updated as each story develops.

Taking full advantage of the unlimited space available on the Web, The Tswana Times will also provide featured articles as well as special coverage that may not otherwise appear in the printed edition of competing newspaper. A picture often says more than words can ever tell.

The Tswana Times photo gallery will unveil telling visuals of great human interest as well as journalistic and artistic shots that may not make it into printed edition of competing printing newspapers due to space restraints. Visitors will be able to browse selected photos for viewing or purchase.

The Tswana Times is designed to become an important reference for those looking for complete and accurate information on Botswana. Researchers and Batswana in the diaspora as well as tourists looking to visit Botswana will benefit greatly from this facility, which no other online media in Botswana offers.

Vision, Mission & Values


To be the leading online local provider of in-depth news, financial markets and opinion as well as analysis by decision makers and stakeholders both in online news media.


To promote economic and social growth through good quality journalism by giving civil society and marginalized communities a 'voice' in public discourse as well as providing valuable news, information and advertising to stakeholders that we serve countrywide. Objectives The Tswana Times is an online newspaper that celebrates the successes of all Batswana, irrespective of class, status, ethnic origin or religion, champions the causes of the most marginalized communities, furthers development of a society that nurtures intellectual vitality whilst at the same time conveying timely and relevant information to communities countrywide.


The Tswana Times is committed to making Botswana a much better place to live in for both local citizen's and investors by providing well researched information enabling stakeholders to make intelligent decisions on issues affecting them. We intend to do this by reporting news stories in a balanced, fair, objective, fearless, compassionate, honest and accurate manner. This will include giving stakeholders an opportunity to use opinion and analysis pages to facilitate important debates without dominating it with our own opinions, disclosing a conflict of interest to readers where necessary, correcting errors and giving them the prominence they deserve as well as providing a right to reply to those we write about.

Target Market

It is indisputable that the internet in the context of Botswana reaches a much bigger and more captive audience. The launch of Tswana Times Online edition allows it to take timely advantage of the Botswana Government's national ICT policy, called Maitlamo, which provides a roadmap to drive social, economic, cultural, and political transformation through the effective use of ICT's. Maitlamo aims to provide a communications network that meets high international standards and ensure the country has the skills to be an ICT leader. Its key goals are for Botswana to become a sub-Saharan ICT hub, to create an enabling environment for the growth of an ICT industry in the country, and to provide universal service and access to information and communication facilities in the country.

To this effect the following activities are highlighted for implementation, which will greatly enhance accessibility of The Tswana Times and facilitate the growth of the internet as a platform for information dissemination:

    • Connecting communities programme
    • Government on-line
    • ThutoNet
    • e-Health Botswana
    • ICT and economic diversification
    • Connecting Botswana
    • Connectivity laws and policies

Gen Y loves Social Media

The Generation Y is better connected to digital brands than any generation before it. whilst ths may not be a surprise, young people are more into social and digital media than ever before. This makes thetswanatimes.co.bw the ideal platform.

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